Step into the extraordinary world of Haymaker’s Virtual Production Department, where imagination knows no bounds. We’re not just your typical VFX shop; we’re your one stop VFX shop.
From the inception of your project to the final touch, we’re your partners in bringing your wildest ideas to life.

Our team of artists boasts decades of experience, having crafted breathtaking visuals for everything from blockbuster video games to Academy Award-winning films.

With their unparalleled expertise, we guarantee you the pinnacle of Virtual Production excellence that the industry has ever seen.

Unleash boundless creativity.

Virtual Production enables real-time design and manipulation of digital landscapes, offering the freedom to tinker with lighting, camera angles, and scene elements until the perfect vision materializes.

Eliminate Costs.

The magic of real-time adjustments to lighting, camera angles, and other elements paves the way for time-saving precision, reducing the need for costly reshoots. Plus, it seamlessly integrates visual effects, curbing post-production expenses.

Revolutionize collaboration.

Real-time feedback and cooperation take center stage. Virtual production is the catalyst for efficient and effective communication, breathing life into every production.

Change the Game.

Virtual Production ushers in a new era of limitless possibilities. It offers boundless creative control, substantial cost savings, rapid production, and seamless collaboration – a toolkit coveted by storytellers across diverse industries.